Why efficiency

Efficiency wins – Hysata’s ultra-high efficiency electrolysers will deliver the world’s lowest cost green hydrogen

Levelised cost of hydrogen – illustrative example
Incumbent (With ongoing capex reductions)
O&M, water
Electrolyser capex
  • Currently, most efforts to reduce the cost of green hydrogen focus on electrolyser capex.
  • However, electricity makes up most of the cost of green hydrogen.
  • The more energy-efficient the electrolyser, the less electricity is wasted, and the lower the cost of the green hydrogen.
  • Hysata’s disruptive technology delivers a step-change efficiency improvement, resulting in the lowest cost green hydrogen, and opening up a range of new applications to hydrogen.

Efficiency wins – Hysata’s ultra-high efficiency electrolysers will save project developers billions in capex

Example: Large-scale off-grid green hydrogen project producing 1 million tonnes of hydrogen per year, with a mix of solar and wind in a world-class location.

  • With incumbent electrolysers with 75% efficiency (52.5 kWh/kg)
    14 GW of renewables needed
  • With Hysata electrolysers with 95% efficiency (41.5 kWh/kg)
    11 GW of renewables needed

→ Saving of ~3 GW, or ~ USD 3 billion (assuming average capital cost of renewables of USD 1000/kW)