About us

Our mission is to accelerate the world’s shift away from fossil fuels to green hydrogen

by delivering the world’s most efficient, simple and reliable electrolyser.

Hysata is developing a completely new type of electrolyser, featuring the world’s most efficient electrolysis cell, coupled with a simplified balance of plant.

Electricity makes up most of the cost of green hydrogen and therefore, the most efficient electrolyser will deliver the lowest cost hydrogen.

Efficiency wins.

Our disruptive, world-leading efficiency has been recognised via the publication of a paper in top-tier journal Nature Communications.

The Hysata founding team comprises electrolyser industry veterans, with deep expertise in the design and scale-up of novel electrolysers.

Building on that foundation we are growing a world-class engineering, manufacturing and commercial team with a footprint on multiple continents.

Backed by leading global investors, Hysata is moving rapidly towards manufacturing at the multi-gigawatt scale needed to address climate change.