Hysata will deliver the world’s
lowest cost green hydrogen

Electrolysers use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and are the key technology for producing green hydrogen. The main challenge for the industry today is that existing electrolysers are complex, costly, only moderately efficient, and difficult to scale.
Over the last 50 years, there have only been incremental improvements in electrolyser systems. Until now.
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A new era of electrolyser efficiency

Hysata’s turnkey electrolyser system solution will deliver high purity green hydrogen at the lowest levelized cost due to step-change improvements over incumbents in 3 key areas:

Capillary-fed electrolysis

A fundamentally new approach,
creating billions of dollars in value.

Most efforts to reduce the cost of green hydrogen focus on electrolyser capex. However, electricity makes up most of the cost of green hydrogen. The more energy-efficient the electrolyser, the less electricity is wasted, and the lower the cost of green hydrogen. Less waste heat also translates to a simpler balance of plant with less cooling and liquid handling required.
Hysata’s transformative electrolysis design is underpinned by two key innovations: an ultra-low resistance separator, and bubble-free operation. Together, these factors collapse the resistance of the cell and make our cell highly efficient.
This step-change efficiency improvement leads to lowest cost green hydrogen, accelerating its competitiveness in the hard to-abate sectors.