CEO Paul Barrett’s interview with The Guardian

Image 2 - Dr Paul Barrett, Chief Executive Officer and Dr Gerry Swiegers, Chief Technical Officer, at Hysata’s Wollongong Facility

Read CEO Paul Barrett’s interview in The Guardian on how Hysata’s technology represents a step-change in electrolysis.

Hysata has developed an ultra-high efficiency electrolyser, providing a major breakthrough in the industry’s attempt to make green hydrogen cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Hysata’s research paper published in peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications introduces a new concept of water electrolysis that promises increased energy efficiency and lower capital costs, making hydrogen more cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

The research shows Hysata’s capillary-fed electrolysis cell can produce green hydrogen from water at 98% cell energy efficiency (40.4 kWh/kg hydrogen), well above International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) 2050 target for cell efficiency and significantly better than existing electrolyser technologies.

The overall system design is simpler, leading to overall system efficiency of 95%, compared to about 75% for existing commercial electrolysers. This simple system design also leads to low capital cost and high reliability.

The increased efficiency will deliver a much lower cost of green hydrogen than is possible today, significantly reducing both the capital and operational costs to produce green hydrogen.

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