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The latest issue of Energy, Source and Distribution features an interview with Hysata CEO Paul Barrett about how Hysata is turning heads in the global hydrogen industry.

Paul spoke about Hysata’s mission and why investors are so excited about the technology.

Specifically, he noted that “Hysata’s mission is to accelerate the world’s shift away from fossil fuels to green hydrogen by delivering the world’s most efficient, simple, and reliable electrolyser. At the core of Hysata’s electrolyser is a truly innovative electrolysis cell – a brilliantly simple and elegant design that has a massive impact on the performance and manufacturability of the electrolyser system.”

Paul attributed Hysata’s investor interest to the high system efficiency and low capex of Hysata’s electrolyser which moves the needle on the levelised cost of green hydrogen.

Paul also discussed the need for further policy support to shape Australia’s clean hydrogen industry and emphasised that the “global clean hydrogen race is on, and it will be Australia’s race to lose if we don’t back our ambitions with significant policy action and investment.”

Click here, to read the whole article (pages 30-31).

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