Hysata CEO Paul Barrett part of Washington trip...


Washington DC, USA, 26 October 2023: CEO Paul Barrett was proud to represent Hysata as part of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s first state visit to the United States in October. Paul attended a series of Australian embassy and White House events in Washington DC.

During the trip, Paul met with senior business leaders to talk about innovation, collaboration and the united vision for clean energy that Australia and the US share.

Prime Minister Albanese spoke about a vision for green power, producing green hydrogen, producing green steel. “We can decarbonise and industrialise at the same time.”

Hysata is committed to playing a critical role in making this vision a reality – and we look forward to working with our US partners to realise the full potential of our high efficiency electrolyser in this decarbonisation mission around the world. 

Paul spoke to Peter Hannam, Economics Correspondent at the Guardian ahead of the visit about Hysata’s manufacturing scale up, global interest for our high efficiency electrolyser and clean energy opportunities created by the Biden administration’s US$369bn Inflation Reduction Act.

“We want to be the world’s biggest electrolyser company and definitely have the technology to do that,” said Paul. “We’ve got huge interest from the global investment community in what we’re doing and we’ll be tapping into that at the appropriate time.”

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