Hysata jets to the World Hydrogen Summit

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In May, Hysata’s Chief Commercial Officer Dr Tom Campey attended the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam where he told an audience about how Hysata’s breakthrough Capillary Fed Electrolysis (CFE) has created a significant step change in hydrogen technology by delivering the most efficient electrolyser in the world.

He explained how Hysata is commercialising this new category of electrolyser with disruptive improvements in three key areas.


Up until now, electrolyser technology sits at around 75% efficiency, meaning 25% of the electricity going in to producing the hydrogen is getting wasted as heat. Hysata is commercialising a new category of electrolyser which will have a system efficiency – that’s stack plus balance of plant (BOP) – of 95%.


The other key component of the cost of producing green hydrogen is the capital cost of the electrolyser. Hysata’s CFE has an elegant design which removes a lot of complexity from the stack and the BOP. This results in a much lower capital cost than current designs.


The third breakthrough improvement is scalability. Australia needs to rapidly build an electrolyser manufacturing industry with tens of gigawatts of manufacturing capacity.

Where current electrolyser designs have come out of what has essentially been a cottage industry, Hysata has taken a clean sheet approach to the design to ensure that it is readily manufacturable at a multi-gigawatt-scale

Check out Dr Campey’s interview with the Australian Financial Review here.


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