CCO Tom Campey interview on A Positive Climate

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This latest podcast on ‘A Positive Climate’ interviewed our own Tom Campey, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), who explains how the Hysata electrolyser works, why it’s a game-changer for hard-to-abate sectors and the clear path Hysata is on to gigawatt scale manufacturing.

Electrolysers use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and are the key technology for producing green hydrogen. It is expected to supply 15-25% of energy in a net zero global economy, creating a huge commercial and decarbonisation opportunity.
Green hydrogen is widely acknowledged to be a crucial part of reaching net zero emissions globally, enabling decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors like steel, heavy transport and chemicals.
Tom describes how the new electrolyser works and why its design makes it more efficient than others, essentially reducing supporting equipment and electricity consumption– which is around 80% of hydrogen production costs.
“We are really excited about what this new technology can offer and the potential for the green hydrogen sector,” he says in the interview.

Tom also discusses commercialising the technology, safety, how research is best commercialised and why he is passionate about his role at Hysata.
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